Bowiea volubilis, the succulent onion.

Bowiea volubilis

Another of my little beauties : Bowiea volubilis in a pot by Julien Hanazono.


Bowiea volubilis

It is a weird bulbous, native from southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi …).
It forms a nice onion, where every year, a green flower pushes up to 3-4 m.



Bowiea volubilis Bowiea volubilis


Bowiea volubilis Bowiea volubilis


Once mature, tiny white flowers appear.

It likes to have regular waterings but the substrate should dry out between them. Let it warm and dry in winters and it must respect a dormant period after flowering.

Be very careful with children and animals and with your fingers: It is an extremely toxic plant! 

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