Repotting new arrivals ..


Several issues often recur on potting succulent plant in my groups of enthusiasts in succulents. What substrate to use? Which pot? etc ..
There are many websites and specialized forums, which are very good advice .. It is often these tips I’ve implemented about:

  • the choice of the pot (earthenware, plastic ..)
  • substrate choice
  • first aid
  • warnings


Here is  a little more about my repotting with plants from my order of  VallySucculents …


Regarding the choice of the pot:

I mostly use terracotta pots: for aesthetic reasons but also because I better control irrigation in these pots. Since they are porous, we can know more of the surface dry if the content is still wet ..



But the plastic pots have their advantages ..At last, it’s still a personal choice, all is to  control watering whatever your choice.


Regarding the substrate:

I wrote an article a few days ago on mixes of substrates that I use, their composition, using them for seeding (see here). I mainly use the same potting mixes for my plants.
To facilitate drainage, I put a layer of pozzolan to the bottom of my pots.

Rempotage Rempotage



For some mature plants, well established, and depending on the species, I can increasing potting soil proportion. So I put part of compost representing almost 1/4 of the final mixt for this Aloe:

Aloe aculeate


First aid:

It is essential to look at the overall condition of the plant and those of its roots. The advantage of buying remotely plants is that they are received bare root, so it is easier to consider than when we should deport a plant that is well established .



Of course, you have to look any parasites and quarantine as needed.

For some, I have no hesitation to root pruning, comb them for easy installation and recovery. The trick is not to hurt the pivots and mothers roots to avoid any rotting.

Finally, depending on the size of the plant and pot, I mix my various size of sand and gravel:

image Haworthia tessellata Sedum oreganium



  • Never watering succulent newly repotted: it is better to wait a few days to two to three weeks to avoid root rot.
  • No not immediately fertilizer to avoid burning the weakened roots.



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